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April 2019 - This Month in This Awful Awesome Life

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Welcome spring! We hope you enjoyed our March 2019 issue of This Awful Awesome Life. Special thanks to our talented writers and guest contributors.

It’s baseball season and ice hockey is heading into the playoffs, so it’s an exciting time to be a sports fan. In honor of opening day, we’re featuring two Baseball Hall of Fame legends who played for Pittsburgh teams, Honus Wagner of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Josh Gibson who played for the Homestead Grays and The Pittsburgh Crawfords in The Negro National League.

April 7-13 is National Library Week and we have some helpful information about upcoming events at libraries all across the country as well as a little about the history of National Library Week and some of its past themes. For many families, the Easter Bunny is on his way this month with candy, treats and Easter eggs, but how did he get his start? I take a look at the origins of the Easter Bunny and how he became known as Peter Cottontail. What kind of candy will be in your Easter Basket? We have a few suggestions for guaranteed to tame your chocolate craving.

Orlando Bartro is back from Italy and he takes a look at miseducation. What does he mean? You’ll have to read his article to find out.

Linda Cahill has some advice about spring cleaning and replacing a few of those worn out kitchen items with Great finds from The Pampered Chef.

Don’t miss Tanya Bashor’s busy calendar of upcoming events for April and May presented by Gypsy Artistry. Register online for a fun filled evening and take home a beautiful keepsake made by you.

April 30 is Adopt a Shelter Pet Day and there are so many wonderful and deserving pets looking for forever homes. We have some info about pet adoption and we’re featuring pets in this month’s April in pictures.

This month’s quiz features baby animals and their correct names. You might know a baby kangaroo is called a joey, but there are at least four other baby animals called joeys. Do you know which baby animals are called puggles or whelps? Test your knowledge and check out some adorable photos of baby animals.

I reviewed I’m Fine and Neither are You the latest novel from bestselling author, Camille Pagán we have book recommendations - thrillers for adults and an assortment of books about Baseball, Earth day and shelter pets for children. Plus, check out some authors you should be reading and find out how to advertise in This Awful Awesome Life and how to become a guest contributor or join our team of talented writers.


Samantha Sayers is still missing. She disappeared on August 1, after a day of solo hiking at Vesper Peak near Seattle, Washington. Sam was raised in the Erie, Pennsylvania area where her parents Ron and Lisa still live. Her family is exploring all avenues of inquiry to find and bring her home.


In the face of such an enormous challenge, they have chosen hope. Please keep sending positive thoughts to Sam and her family.

As promised, we will be displaying a yellow ribbon for Sam on the opening page of each issue of This Awful Awesome Life until she is home. Please consider displaying a yellow ribbon for Sam and posting a photo of it on the Facebook page, Ribbons Across the World for Sam Sayers. Please include your city and country. If you are a person of faith, please pray for her safe return to her family. Because we are an online publication, we are able to update this article with any news. We will also post information on our Facebook page. Thank you!

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