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Something Special for Your Kitchen from The Pampered Chef by Linda Cahill


If you’ve finished spring cleaning your kitchen, it’s time to reward your hard work with some new tools for your kitchen from the Pampered Chef.

New for this spring:

Quick Prep Food Grater - quickly prep batches of fresh veggies, cheese, and fruit for weekend meal prep, get-togethers, and veggie-packed meals. The grater comes with three blades: a fine grater, a coarse grater, and a slicer. Grate anything from hard cheeses to potatoes to cabbage.

Season’s Best Spring/Summer 2019 - 15 recipes from the Pampered Chef including family favorites and classic Pampered Chef recipes with a modern twist.

Stainless Steel Nonstick Wok – ideal for high-heat cooking; sear, sauté and stir-fry with ease; nonstick mesh grid makes clean-up easy.

Quick Cooker Racks & Prep Bowls Set – make easy to peel hard-boiled eggs or individual desserts with 2 stackable steaming racks and 6 one-cup prep bowls with stretch fit lids.

Quick Cooker Silicone Rings – avoid food odors and discoloration – the set of two rings comes in two colors – use one for sweet foods and the other for savory dishes.

Stoneware Chip & Dip Set – includes large round platter and one small Graystone serving bowl - make classic rings, appetizers, and desserts on the platter and fill the serving bowl with dips and sauces. (Platter and bowl can be purchased separately.

Oven Rack Protectors – protect your hands and forearms from hot oven racks. Non-slip grips hold onto the edges of your oven rack – trim to fit any size oven or toaster oven.

Salad Cutting Bowl Set – Colander rotates 90 degrees to form a cutting guide for creating bite size pieces and has compartments for dressing, toppings and utensils. Comes with Colander, Coated Chef’s knife and a snap together spoon and fork. Items can be purchased separately.

Make Your Own Chips Set – make fresh natural chips from your favorite fruits and vegetables, hard-shell taco shells or creative desserts and season them with your own blend of spices or try some of the Pamper Chef’s delicious seasoning blends. Set comes with V-shaped Baking Pan Set (2 pans) and our Simple Slicer to make perfect even slices every time. Items can be purchased separately.

Wine Tumblers with Bag – includes two wine tumblers and one wine bag. Perfect for picnics or cookouts. Items can be purchased separately.

Waffle Puff Pan – make delicious bubble waffles which can be turned into ice cream cones or enjoyed with butter and syrup or fresh fruit for a stylish brunch. The square well catches any drips to make clean up a breeze. PFOA-free ceramic non-stick coating and nylon fork makes removing your waffle from the pan easy.

Batter Mixer & Dispenser – mix ingredients for cakes, brownies, cupcakes, crepes, pancakes or waffles and dispense the batter directly into your favorite bakeware. The portion selector lets you choose how much batter to dispense.

Under the Sea Cookie Cutters – The perfect way to welcome summer - seven stackable cookie cutters: pirate, crab, sailboat, octopus, turtle, shark and seashell.

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