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Who had the Original Cornucopia? by Orlando Bartro

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There’s a town called Cornucopia in Nevada, and another in Wisconsin; and Oregon has a Cornucopia, too.

And a cornucopia appears prominently on North Carolina’s State Seal.

Cornucopia Oregon owes its sudden existence to a gold rush. Here is a photo showing a few of the lucky miners.

103 OB6 cornucopia Oregon gold rush 1914 public domain photograph.jpg

But the cornucopia isn’t exclusively American. Its origin is ancient. In Greek mythology, the cornucopia was a horn from a goat that was used to feed Zeus when he was an infant.

103 OB2 e_Julio-Claudian,_bronze_-_Cleveland_Museum_of_Art_-_DSC08314 public domain photo.JPG

Abundance has always been necessary for civilization, as shown by the rise of Ancient Egypt along the Nile River.

Today, as shown in the postage stamps of many countries, the cornucopia is widespread throughout the world as a symbol of abundance.

And so, throughout the world, societies give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving! May the cornucopia remind you of your blessings.

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Orlando Bartro is the author of Toward Two Words, a comical novel about a man who finds yet another woman he never knew, available at Amazon. He is currently writing two new novels and a play.

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